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When you have issues with your Livonia business’s commercial heating system, you need Harriman Heating & Air Conditioning. The continuous expertise we possess with commercial heating and cooling since 1996 speaks for itself.

Our commercial heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) team of professionals is ready to support you with your heating needs, no matter what they are. In business, to move forward and succeed, you need to be able to depend on your investments. With Harriman Heating & Air Conditioning, you can rely upon us to help you keep your HVAC investment safe. Our experts install, repair, and maintain all makes and models of commercial heating systems.

Heating Installation

All commercial heating systems, even the best maintained, do need replacing at some point in time. When the time comes for your business to install a new commercial heating system, our installation experts can walk you through a new installation from design to completion. We will assist you in choosing the most appropriate heating system for your business’s needs, providing the highest comfort for both your employees and customers, all at a price that accommodates your budget.

When you are ready for us to install a retrofit or entirely new system for you, our experienced professionals will work expeditiously to put in your new system without disturbing your everyday workings. At Harriman Heating & Air Conditioning, we only carry the top makes and models for heating and cooling, so you never need question the quality of your system.

These systems operate at a high efficiency, using less energy, thereby generating lower energy costs. And with regular professional maintenance, your commercial heating system will perform at high efficiency for years to come.

Heating Repair

We understand how important having a heating repair done quickly and effectively is to your business—especially when it can directly affect your bottom line. Our trained and knowledgeable team of experts is experienced with anything you may have. We can have your commercial system up and running normally againg in no time with little disruption to your company.

We also recognize emergencies do not always occur during working business hours. For this reason, we offer 24/7 emergency service to you. Having an emergency with your heating system could mean valuable downtime, thus money lost, for you. We are on your team and want you to succeed, so we are always here for you.

With our superior service, integrity, and ethics, we want you to know we will never sell you anything you do not need. We only repair exactly what you need and only use top parts and materials to do it. You can have peace of mind with each repair we make, as we put our highest level of expertise into everything we do.

Heating Maintenance

An expensive mistake many business owners make is thinking of bypassing regular professional maintenance of their commercial heating system. Having routine maintenance actually saves you money by avoiding unexpected costly repairs and replacements. With regular maintenance, our HVAC experts can alert you to any needed repairs, enabling you to plan for them.

To help you keep on track with your maintenance, we offer commercial maintenance plans. We can customize a plan to fit your company’s needs. With a maintenance plan, your system will run more efficiently and have longer life, both resulting in lower costs for you in the long run.

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