Intermatic surge protector.

Intermatic Surge-Protector


120/240 VAC Single Split Phase SPD for use on a variety of HVAC equipment. Green LED protection indicator. Unmatched surge protection ratings. Only HVAC surge protector that is both Type 1 and Type 2 compatible. 3-Year Warranty. $7,500 Connected Warranty.

Aprilaire humidifier.

Aprilaire Humidifier Model 500/600


The Aprilaire humidifier flows through with no cleaning necessary, produces a high-volume humidity to protect furniture and lower heating bills. Adds moisture to the air to prevent dryness that can cause irritation to the skin. 10-Year Warranty.

Aerus Air Scrubber.

Air Scrubber


Kills bacteria and viruses on surfaces and in the air. Reduces allergens, smoke, odors, and VOCs.

Nighthawk carbon monoxide alarm.

Nighthawk Carbon Monoxide (CO) Alarm


Digital Display—Displays the level of CO concentration the unit is sensing in parts per million (30ppm–900ppm). Updates reading every 15 seconds.

Peak Level Button—Displays the peak CO level recorded since it was last reset or unplugged.

9V Battery Backup—Provides protection during power outages.

Test Button Functions—Tests the unit for proper operation, resets the CO alarm.

Sensi Wi-Fi Thermostat.

Sensi Wi-Fi Thermostat


The programmable Sensi Wi-Fi Thermostat adjusts the temperature in your home from anywhere. Get local temperatures and weather information for your home, vacation home, or anywhere Sensi is installed.

Aprilaire Air Cleaner.

Aprilaire Air Cleaner Model 1210/1410


This item has a lifetime warranty and helps to remove the following:

  • 94% of mold and pollen
  • 72% of bacteria and fungi
  • 56% of dust and pet dander
Air conditioner cover.

"Official Custom Fit" AC Cover


Fits like a glove, unbeatable durability. Heavy-weight vinyl, mildew resistant, designed to allow proper air flow. Comes in black, brown, green, teal, grey, beige, navy blue, and maroon.

Zoeller sump pump.

Zoeller Replacement Sump Pump


Flows up to 43 gallons per minute. Cast iron case, corrosion resistant, 115-volt. 3-Year Warranty.

Custom Air

Custom Design Air Equalizer


Ensure more comfort by increasing airflow during furnace or A/C operation. Adds longevity to equipment. Reduces utility bills. Transferable to new equipment.


Smart Air CFM Enhancement Control Module


Allows constant fan operation. Reduces energy consumption. Increases comfort and eliminates hot and cold areas throughout home. Enhances air treatment equipment such as air purifiers, UV lights, dehumidification, and HEPA filtration systems.

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