Air Conditioner Repair in Livonia, MI 48154

“I just purchased my condo and the a/c unit is in the storage room outside of the condo. My ac was not cooling my condo and Mitch came to do a service call. When he arrived he was extremely professional and courteous. The first thing he noticed is that the unit had a switch in the storage room that was in the off position and that was what the problem was. Once it was running he noticed and bought me outside to show me the condenser was turing itself off after a few minutes. He tested some other things and then noticed a sign on the unit door panel that the door must be on for correct meter readings and condencer operation. So he put the door back on and the problem was solved. He could have talked me into purchasing a number of things but was honest and fair. It only cost me the service fee. I would use and definitely recommend Harrimans and Mitch again. Thank you again Mitch!!”

– Sheryl C.