Air Conditioning Maintenance in Livonia, MI 48152

“Harriman replaced my AC unit a number of years ago with a larger unit than I had previously. I live in a condo on the top floor. If you have ever had a second floor or lived upstairs in anything then you know that it's horribly hot in the summer. This unit is fantastic. Now granted, we live like vampires most of the time with the drapes closed, but this unit will keep the condo at what I set it at. It gets expensive though LOL. Anyway, I always do the maintenance for the AC. A couple years ago I was lucky enough to be assigned with Mitch. Omgosh is he fantastic. I have never had a tech be so thorough. I can't say enough nice about him. Needless to say, I will be a customer well into the future. When I move I just hope I'm still in their servicing area. Can't beat these guys.”

– Jennifer G.