Gas Furnace Maintenance in Troy, MI 48098

“Was pleased that my wife's call for service was immediately scheduled for the next day. Initially was disappointed when the requested service call was canceled the morning of the scheduled day (but understand why: misunderstanding). Very pleased the visit was rescheduled for the day originally promised after I called.
Jon was very knowledgable, diligently examined my problem and patiently explained why my concern could not be addressed. (Air intake on high energy furnace is inside, rather than outside, as is more typical. However space constraints did not allow for this.) Jon also, at my request, looked at how a tankless water system could be installed and explained costs and options. Then he raised a new product that better cleans the air coming from the furnace. I had not intended to purchase anything but he factually explained the advantages of the new technology to me and, then, by phone, to my wife. We bought the unit and he installed it that day. Jon noticed that we were scheduled for our annual maintenance check in a week and was able to take care of it the same day, saving both his firm, and us, time for a second service call. This was both thoughtful and good business. Jon represented both himself and the company very well.”

– James W.