Gas Furnace Repair in Wolverine Lake, MI 48390

“Today I had Technical Hot And Cold come over to get my 2014 Lennox furnace working. It took four days to get an appt. The burners wouldn’t stay lit so I had no heat. The technician did very little other than spend about 20 to 25 minutes in his van talking to somebody, then he came in and told me I needed a new heat exchanger because his carbon monoxide detector indicated that my furnace was producing more than 2000 ppm and it should only be producing 1 ppm! My son talked to him and the tech said he couldn’t tell if the heat exchanger was cracked or not because it was too complicated to see inside it. He said he could tell it was cracked because the flames shot out toward him when he turned the furnace on. He said the burners would all go off because it tripped the sensor that protected the furnace from burning the place down. My son asked if he had checked for blockages in the vents and he said no that you couldn’t get inside them to check. He did not go on the roof and take the cap off the vent pipe. In the text said it would cost over $2000 just for the labor to put in a new heat exchanger. And it would have to be ordered so I would have no heat until the end of next week. Thank goodness my son had me call Harriman!! Damon came out within 2 hours and immediately diagnosed the problem and fixed it for $200!!! He cleaned the outtake pipes with bleach and took the burners out and blew them clean. He even replaced a wire that looked suspicious. Then he showed me his CO meter registering 1 ppm. He offered to talk to my son and was absolutely wonderful and patient thru the whole process. I told him I will always ask for him in the future. What a treasure it is to find an honest company and a truly professional technician!!!!”

– Sharon N.