Gas Furnace Replacement in Redford, MI 48239

“Chance and Avery came to do a yearly maintenance visit on my furnace, and they showed me some potentially dangerous metal wear in my heat exchange. After doing further testing, the carbon monoxide levels near the furnace were above the safe limit indicating a leak, which can be life-threatening. My furnace was already well past its life expectancy, so I decided to get the process going for a new furnace. Chance called his supervisor, Jon H., who came over the same day. Jon walked me through everything that was needed for a new system, got me set up for financing, and set up installation of a temporary replacement furnace until my new unit was ready so I would have heat without the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. The temp unit was installed just over an hour later. This all happened on a Friday afternoon in the snow, and it was awesome that all of this got done so quickly to make sure I was safe and warm! I have been using Harriman for years, and I have always been really happy with how great the technicians are, both for their friendly attitude, and their great service. I was happy to buy my new equipment through them! I even decided to replace my AC at the same time, since I knew that unit was on it's last legs. So, here is a big THANK YOU to Jon, Chance, and Avery, for all of their help, along with Jesse and Jeff for coming over late on Friday to install my temp unit. You guys are fantastic!!”

– Sandra Z.