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When Do I Know It’s Time to Buy a New Furnace?

February 26, 2021

If you’re struggling with the question of whether or not to buy a new furnace in Birmingham, our professionals are here to help. Our Harriman Heating & Air Condtioning team has years of experience with a wide selection of furnace makes and models. Here are some warning signs it may be time to start saving for a new furnace.

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6 Ways Your Furnace Keeps You Safe

December 31, 2020
6 ways your furnace keeps you safe

Your fuel-burning furnace has a number of mechanisms allowing it to run safely and effectively. These features prevent fires and protect your indoor air quality (IAQ). They also work to prevent internal errors from damaging large portions of your furnace.

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How Can I Save Money on My Heating Bill This Winter?

December 15, 2020
How can I save money on my heating bill this winter?, space heater

Is your energy bill too high in the winter? Are you looking for ways to cut costs? There are a number of simple things you can do at home to save money. Some of them are bigger projects, but most are simple things you can do in your day-to-day life to help reduce your heat cost this winter.

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What Is Short Cycling?

November 30, 2020
What is Short Cycling?, human hand adjusting thermostat

hort cycling is a term used in the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) world to explain a situation where a furnace or air conditioner turns on and off too frequently.

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Fall HVAC Maintenance

October 16, 2020
Autumn Suburb

Fall is here, which means you need to prepare your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system for fall maintenance.

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Why Is My Furnace Blowing Cold Air?

March 16, 2020
Cold cartoon woman.

If you can’t figure out the issue, give us a call at 734-271-6200 and we will inspect your furnace.

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Do I Need a New Furnace?

February 14, 2020
Close up of a confused little kid.

Note: If a technician is inspecting your broken furnace, he or she can tell you if repair or replacement is the better option.

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7 Furnace Maintenance Tips

January 30, 2020
Feet by the furnace.

Most maintenance services are reasonably priced and much less expensive than an emergency repair.

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How Does My Gas Furnace Work?

December 12, 2019
Cold girl in front of a heater.

Although today’s furnaces can generate heat using a variety of fuels, natural gas is one of the most popular.

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